The Serviguide TECH team accompanies Balearia to collect its award for the best “Customer Service of the Year”.

The U.Zalacaín La Finca restaurant hosted this week the Award Ceremony of the Leaders in Service, which distinguishes companies for their quality in customer service. During the event, hosted by comedian José Corbacho, the most valued companies in 29 categories for their customer service were announced.

At Serviguide TECH, we are very proud to announce that our customer experience service, provided to the international maritime transport company Balearia, has been pivotal in being chosen as the “Customer Service of the Year” in the transport area.

The candidate companies in this edition of the contest were subjected to a thorough evaluation, processed, and validated by the quality measurement program eAlicia.

Among the attendees at the event, there was a representation from the Balearia customer service department, led by Maribel Linares, who collected the award, and representing Serviguide TECH were Carlos Conejo, Contact Center Manager, and María José Serrano, Marketing Manager.

For Serviguide TECH, it is a great satisfaction that this service, which has been operating and updating Balearia’s customer experience for over five years, is recognized by industry experts.

In the Serviguide operations center located in Denia (Alicante), projects are covered where they offer clients and partners different solutions to improve their business processes, with customer experience consulting being their specialty.

Carlos Conejo, operations director of Serviguide for Balearia, points out that “the service we offer is an integral, omnichannel model, where we obtain a large amount of data, which, added to indicators and dashboards, allows us to get a complete and up-to-date picture of the service, and with it, we can make decisions for the good evolution of the service and design quality plans, which allow us to monitor the standards required by each service.”

Thanks to contests like this, users can be provided with a tool to distinguish companies that offer higher quality customer service by sector of activity and, likewise, stimulate companies to improve their service and thus differentiate themselves from competitors.