Sg tech Drives Opain’s Digital Transformation with Innovative Robotic Process Automation Solution

Bogot√°, July 1, 2024 – sg tech, a leading company in advanced technological solutions, is proud to announce the successful implementation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for robotic process automation (RPA) at Opain, Colombia’s main airport operator. This pioneering project includes the development of a next-generation automaton designed to ingest, process, standardize, and unify sales data from three different areas or products, marking a milestone in information optimization and management in the airport sector.

This innovative project not only represents a significant advancement in the use of RPA technology and advanced analytics but also sets a new standard in data management and analysis. sg tech has identified four fundamental pillars for the long-term success and sustainability of this initiative, redefining how Opain approaches the digital management of its data and the operational efficiency of its human teams, freed from repetitive tasks and the pressure for high data accuracy.


Information Standardization:
The key to sg tech’s success lies in its ability to standardize and homogenize previously scattered data stored in various complex Excel formats. By implementing advanced algorithms, the system not only simplifies data collection but also ensures impeccable consistency, facilitating its analysis and management. This standardization is essential for precise information interpretation, enabling more informed and strategic decisions.

Democratization and Visualization of Metrics:
At the heart of sg tech’s strategy is data democratization. Thanks to the integration with Power BI, Opain users can visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) through intuitive and accessible dashboards. This enhances decision-making through various perspectives of the information and fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration within the organization.

Efficiencies and Performance:
sg tech’s RPA solution radically transforms Opain’s operations by reducing the need for manual intervention in repetitive and error-prone tasks. Compared to human operations, the RPA stands out for significantly reducing processing times and increasing data accuracy. This automation not only frees valuable resources but also allows Opain’s staff to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Centralization of Processes and Real-Time Execution:
Finally, the centralization of processes through a new web platform facilitates real-time execution and visualization, offering a unified view of operations. This allows for more agile management and informed, rapid, and effective decision-making, crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic transport sector.

Quote from sg tech’s Representative:
“We are delighted with the results of this initiative and firmly believe that we are setting a new standard in digital data management in the transport sector. Our solution not only improves Opain’s operational efficiency but also frees their human teams to focus on higher-value strategic tasks,” said Alfredo Castro, CEO of sg tech.