Sg tech strengthens its commitment to sports by sponsoring the university of A Coruña’s Football Team, Nanoteam

In the context of our “Olympic Year,” sg tech celebrated an exciting event yesterday that marks a new chapter in our initiative to promote healthy lifestyles and personal development through sports. The partnership ceremony with the University of A Coruña’s football team, Nanoteam, was held in the institution’s auditorium, reaffirming our commitment to the university community and local talent.

Marta Castro, our Marketing and Communication Specialist, opened the event by highlighting how sports serve as a fundamental pillar for both professional and personal growth. “At sg tech, we strongly believe in the power of sports to foster a healthy lifestyle and to promote both the professional and personal growth of individuals,” Marta pointed out.

The event was attended by notable academic and business personalities, including Andrés Martínez Lage, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the University, who thanked for the partnership and emphasized the importance of supporting talent in all its forms. “This collaboration with sg tech not only benefits our athletes but also enriches our academic environment and strengthens our ties with the technology sector,” commented the dean.

One of the highlights was the presentation of personalized jerseys to all members of the Nanoteam, as well as to the university’s dean and Alfredo Castro, CEO of sg tech. Alfredo took the opportunity to share his views on the role of sports in young people’s education, emphasizing that “sports are crucial at all stages of life, but especially in youth, helping to shape leaders and citizens committed to society and their own well-being.”

Additionally, Alfredo reiterated sg tech’s ongoing commitment to sports, inviting all players and members of the university community to participate in the XI Edition of the Coruña en Marcha against Cancer this May 19th. “This event not only reflects our support for sports but also our commitment to the health and well-being of our community,” he concluded.

With this partnership, sg tech not only reaffirms its dedication to sports values but also positions itself as a key player in promoting a healthier and more dynamic future for our society.