Sg tech participates as a sponsor in O Encontro

In the third edition of O Encontro, a significant event in the Galician economic landscape, sg tech had the honor of participating as a sponsor. This forum, now in its third iteration, has established itself as a benchmark for debate and collaboration in Galicia’s economic sphere. Organized by CESUGA, O Encontro took place on July 13th and 14th on the iconic island of A Toxa, gathering a hundred speakers and more than 500 attendees in a space dedicated to shared value and cooperation among the business community, the academic field, and the Galician public sector.

The inauguration was led by Alfonso Rueda, president of the Xunta, and Venancio Salcines, president of the Governing Council of CESUGA, marking the beginning of two days of intense activity. A gala dinner was also held during the inauguration, where the Galician Businessman of the Year Award was given to José Sierra, founder of UROVESA, thus highlighting his contribution to the region’s business fabric.

Sg tech not only provided its support as a sponsor but also actively participated through the contribution of several of its members as speakers. Fernando Ordóñez, Chief Sales Officer of sg tech, led a session focused on the positive impact on labor market management, sharing the panel with prominent figures from the business and public sectors of Galicia.

Beatriz Serrano, our Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, participated in a discussion on how to communicate a sustainable strategy, evidencing sg tech’s commitment to sustainability and responsible communication.

Lastly, Alfredo Castro Moral, CEO of sg tech, moderated a panel on the challenges of Galicia, focusing on the necessary changes to boost the region’s growth and competitiveness.

This event not only served to reinforce sg tech’s position as a committed actor in the economic and social development of Galicia but also as an opportunity to foster dialogue and collaboration among different sectors. The day concluded with a networking session that allowed participants to share ideas and perspectives, reaffirming the value of cooperation and exchange in strengthening the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Galicia.

At sg tech, we are proud to have been part of O Encontro, contributing to this space of dialogue and collaboration that undoubtedly drives growth and innovation in our community.