Sg tech launches the Olympic Year

At sg tech, we are committed to promoting well-being and unity within our team. This year, we have launched the Olympic Year initiative, a series of activities designed to integrate sports into the daily lives of our employees and support youth in their sports aspirations.

As part of our commitment to young people and sports, we are pleased to announce that we will sponsor the University of A Coruña’s football team, Nanoteam. This support not only reflects our desire to help young people achieve their sports goals but also our effort to foster values such as teamwork and perseverance among students. The sponsorship contract signing ceremony will take place on April 18 at a joint event with the institution, where our CEO, Alfredo Castro, will be present to sign the sponsorship contract and hand over the team shirts.

Additionally, with the goal of uniting all sg tech members, regardless of their geographical location, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we have launched another great initiative. We invite all employees to participate in two significant events: The March in A Coruña in support of the AECC on May 19, and the Business Run in Madrid in December 2024. To encourage participation, we will provide sports kits to all interested parties and organize activities such as group training sessions, in addition to suggesting brunch and healthy meals to keep spirits high.

At sg tech, we believe that sports are essential for a healthy and happy life. Companies have a crucial responsibility in promoting healthy habits and providing our employees with the tools needed for an effective work-life balance. These initiatives are just the beginning of a broader commitment to ensure that everyone at SG Tech has the opportunity to live healthier and happier lives.