Sg tech joins the fight against cancer at the XI solidarity walk in A Coruña

This May 19th, the city of A Coruña will once again unite in the fight against cancer with the celebration of the XI Solidarity Walk Against Cancer. This event, which combines sport, solidarity, and hope, was recently presented in a ceremony organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in A Coruña and the City Council. The presentation was attended by prominent figures such as Manuel Aguilar, president of the Provincial Council of the Association, Yoya Neira, councilor for Equality, Social Welfare and Participation, and Manuel Vázquez, councilor for Sports.

In a symbolic and significant gesture, our CEO, Alfredo Castro, received a T-shirt with the slogan “A Coruña, on the move against cancer,” reinforcing sg tech’s commitment not only to this event but also to promoting health and well-being through sport. At sg tech, we firmly believe in the power of sport as a vital tool for promoting physical and mental health, and its unique ability to unite people around common causes.

Participating in the Solidarity Walk is an extension of our ongoing commitment to the community and reflects our unwavering support in the fight against cancer. We invest in health and well-being not only as part of our corporate social responsibility but because we are convinced that healthy companies rely on healthy communities.

Collaborating with the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the City Council of A Coruña in this event is a clear example of how sg tech applies its values of solidarity, health, and sport in concrete initiatives that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

We hope that the XI Solidarity Walk will be a reminder of the impact we can have when we work together for a noble cause. At sg tech, we are proud to be part of this movement and will continue to support and promote events that strengthen our community.