Serviguide Tech closed 2022 increasing its results by 12.5% compared to the 2021 fiscal year

The technology consulting firm, Serviguide Tech, has presented the results corresponding to the 2022 fiscal year with “record” figures considering its previous trajectory.

Specifically, it closed the 2022 fiscal year with a turnover of 14.6 million euros, showing an organic growth of 12.5% compared to the previous period, even surpassing the expected figure. In this regard, it is worth noting that the company has continued to invest in significant projects, quality partnerships with partners, the recruitment of qualified talent, and international expansion.

In this way, Serviguide Tech marks “the best year” of the company in a year where it has collaborated with both public institutions and private companies, in national and international environments.

International Expansion

Serviguide Tech currently has a presence in Europe, Africa, and recently in America, consolidating its role as an IT company, providing services to companies in various sectors including banking, industry, automotive, and media.

Looking ahead to 2023, Serviguide Tech expects its international business volume to continue growing exponentially. On the one hand, it will continue to prioritize its growth in Ibero-America and the United States, where it already operates with a high level of activity from its headquarters in Bogotá (Colombia) and Miami (Florida), supporting the technological projects of national and international companies. And, on the other hand, it will continue to promote its presence and operations in Europe, focusing on strategic countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, or Poland, among others.