We organize the I Forum of Innovation and Business.

On May 30, Serviguide Tech, along with the APD Association, organized the I Forum of Innovation and Business.

Participants enjoyed an event marked by various personalities from the technology sector who debated current topics across four roundtables.

Firstly, after the introduction of organizers and sponsors, including Serviguide Tech, the roundtable that opened the day titled: “Technology, innovation, and Strategy: an alliance for the future,” commenced. Professionals like Pablo Priesca, General Director of Fundación CTIC, and Dora Casal, Executive Director of Roberto Verino, among many statements, highlighted that “in rural areas, technology is essential, but excessive regulation must be avoided,” and regarding new versions of labor innovation, “the pandemic has brought us 100% telework, but we consider that this will create little bonding with their company for the young and new talents.”

The session continued to address the three technological trends with a significant impact in 2022: data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Viewing “data as the protagonist of the company-customer relationship,” José Rodríguez, Marketing & Sales Manager of ASM SOFT; Román Martínez, Director of Industrialization at Grupo Nueva Pescanova; and Rubén Tubío, PMO Manager at Dinahosting, discussed the different business strategies being developed thanks to data capture and analysis, presenting interesting examples. In a third table, moderated by Alfredo Castro, General Director of Serviguide Tech, Javier Sesma, Vice President of Business Development at TK Elevator; Luis Pérez, General Director of Gradiant; Antonio Couceiro, President of the Technological Institute of Galicia and Coruña CF, discussed Artificial Intelligence as key to achieving quantifiable results. Among the notable data is the insistence that AI is a vital strategic technique, as it is at a maturity stage that we can say is core in companies. And, to conclude, the roundtable perhaps most innovative due to its still unknown nature to the user, titled “Cryptocurrencies and blockchain: a world to discover,” where Santiago Márquez, CTO of Nexplore, and Marcos Suárez, R&D Director at Qbitia surprised attendees with what the future holds for cryptocurrencies.

After the roundtable interventions, Ana Sánchez, Northwest Area Director at APD, drew the conclusions of the day, a meeting of interest for those involved in the world of technological innovation.