First rebranding of sg tech

During May 2023, under the influence of our newly incorporated Marketing and Communications Manager, ServiguideTech began a significant transformation process, marking a milestone in our corporate history. This process of change, more than a mere update, represented a reinvention of our identity: we transitioned from being known as ServiguideTech to adopting a new and vibrant identity as sg tech.

This rebranding was not just a name change; it symbolized our evolution and our ability to adapt to a constantly changing business world. The new brand identity, sg tech, not only reflects our modernization but also our aspiration to be a more dynamic and accessible organization in the technology market.

A fundamental part of this process was the inclusion of our team in decision-making. Understanding that a company’s values and culture are strengthened by the active participation of its members, we involved all staff in choosing the new identity. Through a democratic and transparent process, where emails were sent with various brand options, the most voted choice was the one we ultimately defined as our new corporate image. This collective decision not only strengthened our sense of belonging but also reaffirmed our commitment to the values of inclusion and collaboration.

The adoption of sg tech as our new identity marks the beginning of an era of innovation, adaptation, and growth. It is not just a name change, but a comprehensive renewal that encompasses all aspects of our organization, from our corporate image to our marketing strategies.

In this case, we kept the same corporate colors and continued with the visual line we were using up to that point. We changed our formats on social networks, external documents, and internal communications. Although there was still much to be done.

About sg tech

Sg tech is a company belonging to the HPS Group, with a history of more than 80 years in the market.

Its origin lies in the distribution of energy products, adapting to market changes it has evolved to offer Information Technology services and digital transformation.

Sg tech is an international brand, focused on the digital transformation of companies, adapting to the needs and philosophy of each client, thus offering effective technological solutions to any need the client may have.

With more than 20 years of experience, sg tech has demonstrated its capacity and knowledge in the field of digital transformation and comprehensive management of Technological projects in multiple sectors such as banking, insurance, industry, telecommunications, Mass Media, Logistics, and Public Administration.