We attended FEED 22, the largest Digital Talent and Human Resources Meeting.

Over 5,000 visitors – FEED 2022 Under the theme “Digital Transformation for the Brave” and “Recruitment 4.0,” we participated in the round of conferences at the event.

The VII edition of the Digital Talent Meeting – Digital Employment Forum positions itself as the largest event in Digitalization and Human Resources at the national level and has had among its exhibitors Serviguide TECH.

More than 100 exhibiting companies, municipalities, and business schools, and 5,000 digital candidates and HR professionals gathered on April 28 and 29 at La Nave, Madrid.

Among the activities developed during these days, the Conferences organized by Serviguide TECH stand out, under the title “Digital Transformation for the Brave” given by Iván Minaya and “Recruitment 4.0” presented by Sofía Muíños, brought together important specialists.

As we know from various media and studies, we live in a disruptive moment, and both candidates and companies run the risk of becoming obsolete if they do not adapt to the Digital Era. For 2 days, over 5,000 attendees had the opportunity to have all the necessary tools to know how to succeed in a world dominated by robotics, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Virtual Reality.

Some key activities in this edition have been:

  • Cybersecurity Masterclass by Miguel Ángel Morra
  • Holograms in streaming.
  • Mars walk simulators
  • Programming Workshop for Non-programmers
  • Expo of Interactive Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Talent Awards
  • StartUp Europe Awards
  • Digital Wellness Zone to show the future of HR in the most productive companies
  • Presentation of “CyberBot,” a robot assistant for future trips to Mars and for Cyberhut designed in conjunction with ESNE and Astroland, Cyberhut.