eMerge Americas 2024: sg tech Participates in the Celebration of 10 Years of Technological Innovation in Miami

The global technology conference and exposition, eMerge Americas, celebrated its tenth anniversary on April 18 and 19, 2024, at the iconic Miami Beach Convention Center. This event has become a crucial meeting point for political leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology experts who gather to explore the latest trends and developments in the digital world.

The sg tech team was present at this special edition, with delegates from different parts of the world: Fernando Ordóñez Ugarte, Chief Sales Officer, came from Spain; Alejandro Cardona, Business Development Manager in Bogotá, from Colombia; along with Manuel Galán Vázquez, CEO of sg tech LLC, and Daniel Jiménez Díaz, Sales Director Americas, both part of our team from the Miami office.

In this edition, eMerge Americas explored a variety of crucial topics for the technological future. Advances in artificial intelligence and quantum computing were highlighted, demonstrating their revolutionary potential and practical applications across various sectors. Health technology also took center stage, focusing on how medical innovations are transforming the sector. Additionally, the event served as an inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs, providing essential resources for business growth, while the field of fintech explored the latest trends and their impact on the global economy.

The conference also addressed investment and financing topics, discussing strategies and opportunities in an ever-evolving technological market. Challenges and solutions in cybersecurity, data protection, and online security were also key points. In terms of climate technology, innovations were presented to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

Educational technology demonstrated how it is transforming teaching and learning methods, while topics on diversity, equity, and inclusion reaffirmed the tech sector’s commitment to creating inclusive and equitable spaces. Lastly, the role of technology in national defense and global security was examined, highlighting its importance in dual-use and defense technology. With more than 20,000 attendees from over 4,000 companies worldwide, eMerge Americas 2024 not only celebrated a decade of technological advances but also established a dialogue on how emerging technologies will continue to shape our future. This year, the ten unique content themes provided deep insights into how technology is rapidly evolving and the main trends of today and tomorrow.

From sg tech, we are excited to continue participating in this journey towards innovation and the technological future!